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Twin Screw Air Compressor

We optimize Compressors for delivering unbeatable functional reliability and this is seen in all the products that we provide under this specific category. Made available in a wide ranging variety of configurations and operating conditions, our Twin Screw Air Compressor range is one of a kind. These air compressors come with two meshing type of rotors fitted inside a housing. Both these rotors turn in opposite directions inside this well designed housing. The screw compressor type can either be dry running or it can even be oil flooded in Twin Screw Air Compressor. In both these cases, the bearing  must be so designed that it can bear the rotor loads. Radial as well as the axial rotor positioning should also be accurate, which again depends on the design of the bearing.

  • Compressors provided under this category can be suitably used for various applications that call for supply of high-pressure air
  • Energy efficiency is warranted by making the bearing arrangements in such a manner that it optimizes the rotor head clearance
  • Bearing arrangements is also done to provide maximum speed, low noise & friction, and good operating accuracy
  • Optimum performance and reliability is ensured by designing air compressors as per latest technology trends

Product Image (22KW 30HP 124DFM)

Air Compressors With Dryers

Price: 1000-10000 USD ($)


  • Color : Black and Blue (or any color can be customize )
  • Size : 1650*800*1840mm
  • Power : 15KW 20HP
  • Outlet Pipe Dia : G3/4
  • Lubrication Oil(L) : 10L
  • Dew point : 3-10
  • Sound(dB) : 63dB


Product Image (SLB-55 )

75HP Belt Transmission Screw Air Compressor


  • Color : Selectable
  • Power : 30kw/40HP
  • Pressure : 7bar/0.7Mpa
  • Application : General Industry
  • Air delivery : 5.2m3/min 185cfm/min
  • Cooling method : Air Cooled
  • Lubricanted Oil : 15L
  • Outlet pipe dia ": G1"
  • Driven Mothed : Belt driven


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