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Scroll Air Compressor

For getting noise free air, use any compressor offered under our range of Scroll Air Compressor. One of the most popular variants of air compressors available in the market today, the Scroll Air Compressor is mainly designed for pumping around the freon in freezers and refrigerators. However, with their excellent air compressing needs, these compressors can also be employed for compressing air in factories and other industrial areas.

Working Mechanism:

The working mechanism of compressor of this kind is relatively simple as it only has a solo moving part. It has dual spiral elements where one stays stationary as the other moves in circles. The captured air between these two spirals finally reaches the center of the spiral from the suction end, which leads to compression of the trapped air.

  • Gives a completely noise free operation
  • Leads to production of oil-free air as there are negligible moving parts
  • Oil free use also gives way to easy maintenance of these kind of compressors
  • For maintenance, simple cleaning of intake filters at periodic intervals is all that it takes
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Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor

Price: 3900 USD ($)

Key Features:

  • Requires less power and maintenance
  • Noise free operation
  • Longer service life


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