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High Pressure Air Compressor

Under this popular product category, we offer a range of technologically efficient High Pressure Air Compressor that is made available in gas and diesel engine variants. All models feature a robust electric motor and have an excellent fill rate. These base-mounted piston type of compressors give reliable operations and are made to align with air filling application needs of various industries and even power plants, paintball fields and dive stores. Products made available under our High Pressure Air Compressor range is simple to operate and start/stop operation can be auto regulated via a simple pressure switch. All parts and components used in the manufacture of this range is of authentic quality.

  • DOL starting is done via a well designed pressure switch
  • Low oil level switch and an intercooler fitted on all standard models
  • Has an inlet air filter and interstage relief valves
  • Designed for improved safety and allows for adjustable working pressure

Product Image (SLD-22)

Direct Driven Screw Air Compressor

Key Features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate

Product Image (SLQ-90)

4 Bar Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor


Model No. : SLQ-22

  • Power (kw) : 22
  • Power (Hp) : 30
  • Air delivery : 6
  • Pressure bar : 4
  • Lubricant Oil(L) : 20
  • Outlet Pipe Dia : G1-1/4
  • L*W*H(mm) : 1550*950*1380
  • N.W(KG) : 800

Model No. : SLQ-45

  • Power (kw) : 45
  • Power (Hp) : 60
  • Air delivery : 12
  • Pressure bar : 4
  • Lubricant Oil(L) : 35
  • Outlet Pipe Dia : G2
  • L*W*H(mm) : 2100*1200*1620
  • N.W(KG) : 1900


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