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Air Dryer

As you browse through this product category, you will find Air Dryer of different types that we bring forth for various commercial and industrial applications. Dryers of this kind are primarily used for eliminating water vapor from the compressed air. Water removal in compressed air is a prerequisite for users of compressed air as presence of excessive water in the air (in both liquid & vapor state) can create various operational hazards, including freezing of air lines, decreasing efficiency of pneumatic process control instruments, rusting of piping, malfunctioning of machinery, etc. Our range of Air Dryer is designed to inhibit these problems by preventing any kind of moisture from intervening in moisture sensitive industrial processes.

  • Our range provides advanced yet economical method of air drying
  • These dryers are built to generate clean and dry air with low running cost
  • Good quality heat exchangers in the product improves the overall air volume
  • Heat transfer efficiency remains consistent throughout the product life cycle
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Refrigerated Air Dryer

Key Features:

  • Optimum performance
  • Noise-free operations
  • Low power consumption

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Refrigerator Air Dryer


Model Item :HAD-5

  • Air capacity(Nm3/min) : 0.8
  • Voltage(V/50Hz) : 220
  • Comp-Power(KW) : 0.58
  • Fan Power(W) : 95
  • Inlet dia : G1
  • Weight(kg) : 48
  • Size    L(mm) : 650,W(mm) : 450,H(mm) : 610
Model Item : HAD-10
  • Air capacity(Nm3/min) : 1.35
  • Voltage(V/50Hz) : 220
  • Comp-Power(KW) : 0.59
  • Fan Power(W) : 95
  • Inlet dia : G1"
  • Weight(kg) : 52
  • Size:  L(mm) : 650,W(mm) : 450,H(mm) : 620


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